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  Ministry of Energy and Economy in Bulgaria

The Ministry of Economy and Energy was incorporated by decision of the Bulgarian Parliament in August 2005 through the merger of the Ministries of Economy and Ministry of Energy and Energy Resources.

The Ministry of Economy and Energy is working on the development of the economic and energy policy of the Bulgarian state. The common trends in this policy are increasing the competitiveness of the national economy and the various institutions, encouraging investments, innovations, entrepreneurship, exports, modernization of the industrial base, stimulating measures on energy efficiency in the industry and the use of renewable energy resources.
It also takes part it the implementation of the integration policy and effecting foreign economic cooperation.

The Ministry of Economy was established with the merger of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Trade and Tourism in December 1999 by Decision of the National Assembly.

The Ministry of Economy develops the objectives and priorities of the state strategy and implements the state policy in the field of industry, trade, tourism, privatization and state interest management in these fields. It participates in the implementation of the integration policy and the foreign economic cooperation.

It is organised into specialised and general Directorates and an Inspectorate, which support the Minister of Economy in performing his duties, provide technical assistance to his activity and administrative servicing to legal persons and citizens.


SenterNovem is an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs for implementing policies on:

  • innovation
  • energy and climate
  • environment and spatial planning

Clustering knowledge, SenterNovem aims to strengthen the economy through sustainable development and innovation. The agency originated on 1 May 2004 from the merger of Senter and Novem, two agencies of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Our 1,250 staff members offer the market and governments the following services:

  • financial support
  • the development of (international) knowledge networks
  • knowledge dissemination
  • setting up and guiding transition processes
  • policy development advice

SenterNovem's national and international programmes are complementary and support both national and international policies.

Nationally, SenterNovem carries out programmes for various Dutch ministries. Internationally, SenterNovem co-ordinates and implements programmes and projects for organisations such as the European Union, other national governments, the International Energy Agency and the World Bank.

ESD Bulgaria Ltd.
is a 100% private company, registered in March 1998 under the Trade Law of the Republic of Bulgaria .

The company's capital is 80% British and 20% Bulgarian. ESD-Bulgaria Ltd. operates as a consulting company mainly in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and CHP, with activities also in the energy policy field and for carbon trading projects. Our major objective is to make sustainable energy possible and to promote such applications in Bulgaria . We provide technical assistance for energy efficiency and renewable energy investment projects to a number of industrial companies, as well as to municipalities and other local authorities in Bulgaria .

The range of services of ESD Bulgaria includes:
  Studies concerning energy efficiency, CHP and renewable energy technologies;
  Technical, economic and environmental analyses of energy technology and equipment;
  Identification, feasibility studies and assessment of investment projects;
  Energy audits, design and installation of cost effective energy systems;
  Long-term energy and environmental planning;
  Local sustainable energy planning;
  Assistance to local, regional and national organizations and companies, working in the field of energy efficiency, CHP and renewable energy;
  Designing of energy equipment and installations;
  Organization of training courses, national and international seminars and workshops.



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